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Little Convincing can do all Work

Little Convincing can do all Work - Joseph Bohan

Since the day I have started my new business, I encounter plenty of truck drivers and owners everyday in my workshop. All my day is spent explaining to them all the functions of the gadgets I install in the trucks and the benefits and advantages of those devices. Some guys are easily convinced while some are not. However I always tell them the truth and ask them the best price for installation and tools.

You may be wondering what sort of business I am in. Well to answer this question in three words, I am in the business of truck restraint systems. Don't worry if you have no idea what I'm talking about. You must be familiar with your vehicle restraint system, as trucks also have this but it performs different functions than it does in your car or SUV.

Just today, a few guys from a newly opened transportation company visited my office. They came to learn more about this and they had about 10 trucks that were in line for the installation of truck restraint systems. Their head guy asked me about what components are included in this and how they work. I started with immobilization of truck at the loading dock. Once the truck is blocked at the loading dock with the help of a stopper, any type of unintentional or natural movement of a truck is prevented. That means if the driver does not want his truck to move, the truck won't move. Normally when the trucks are not blocked at the loading docks, the truck can start moving resulting in some goods falling apart or getting damaged, due to any type of pressure or unintentional push.

Therefore the risk of the item falling from the dock or from the hands of handling resonnel is very much reduced. This is performed by blocking the arm of weak thickness and it can go between the mudguard and the wheel without causing any damage. Apart from that I told them about emergency the foot stop guard, which is very helpful in saving the lives of those in the periphery of the stopped truck. The emergency foot stop guard ensures that emergency brakes are applied and work instantly when a truck moves during loading or unloading at the dock, thus preventing accidents or injury. The head guy was really impressed and decided to install these devices on all their trucks.

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